JWG—FOTOPAINTINGS is the digital gallery with photo paintings from

Willem Gerritsen: photos, transformed into unique abstract art:

imagination takes you everywhere

Photo paintings of objects photographed mainly in the ports of Rotterdam, in particular (details of) ships.

Deconditioning the usual logical-rational interpretation of ships as a logistical and technical object opens ones eyes to an emotional story about sailing, scoffing and colliding, which can be read in the skin of the ship. Viewed in this way, the ports and their vessels form a gallery, where they show those stories on their skin in paintings of shapes, colors, dents, rust, welds and rivets. These 'paintings' are the source and inspiration for this gallery. The sometimes extensive digital processing of the original photos into picturesque abstractions aims to strengthen the emotional aspect of those stories and the imagination, bearing in mind Albert Einstein, who once said: “Logic takes you from A to B. Imagination takes you everywhere. ”

Each photo is only released once and is therefore as unique as a traditional painting. No release of copies or series. Hence: photo paintings.